We are a 7-year-old paper recycling and manufacturing company based out of Surat in India, producing different varieties of earth friendly papers. We recycle waste materials and by-products from local farms or industries. Our model is to procure waste or by-products from local businesses, harness local talent and build a sustainable business that has the least carbon footprint possible.
PaperDom About Us

The Paper

Handmade paper is the paper made through recycled pulp. It is one of the oldesttechniques of making paper. Beautiful and durable recycled handmade paper is madeusing simple indigenously designed machinery (for large scale production), takinginspiration from the ancient art of paper making. It has superb strength and texture for artists and stationery use.

The reason why you will love our papers:

Wood free | Chemical free | Solar dried | Natural textures | Water resistant | Uniform density and higher stiffness |Minimal ink absorption and blotting | Higher tensile, tearing and double fold strength | Print friendly |Age up to 1000 years

What we use:

All the papers and products made at PAPERDOM are earth friendly. Eco friendly raw materials are sourced locally. Textile waste from local garmenting factories or banana plant fiber from nearby plantations and then converted into beautiful papers. Employing local people, promoting traditional crafts.

The quality of our papers is such that they can be used for almostall type of printing applications unlike most handmade papersavailable.